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Thursday, 1 October 2015

October Bucket List


1. Read 2 books
 This might not seem like a huge achievement but I find it really hard to find the time to read. I am trying to read for at least 15 minutes before I go to sleep. I managed to read one book in September so I am increasing the goal to two books this month.

2. Lose 7 pounds. 
 I have lost 10 pounds since July just by eating less junk and making healthier food choices. I am still eating far too much sugar so this month I hope greatly reduce that. I also want to excercise a few times a week.

 3. Buy an Adult colouring book and do some colouring.
I loved colouring as a child and often 'help' my children with their colouring! I have been entering loads of competitions to win a colouring book but had no luck yet.


4. Pick blackberries
This is a lovely family tradition that the children look forward to. We checked last week but they weren't quite ripe yet. Hopefully we can pick enough to make a delicious crumble.

5. Get outdoors everyday
After being couped up for the majority of the last four weeks due to different illnesses in the house I really want to get us all outside more. We don't get out as much as we should during Autumn and Winter because its much easier to just stay home when it is cold and wet outside. However this year I am determined to make an effort even if it is just putting on the wellies and waterproofs to jump in the puddles!

6. Finish The Wind in the Willows
We started a novel study of The Wind in the Willows before the summer but didn't get it finished. We will do a quick recap of the chapters we have read and carry on with the rest.

7. Make hedgehog leaf pictures 
I have seen these on a few blogs recently and they look really effective. The children will love collecting the leaves and making pictures. 


8. Create Social Media Accounts
I have created Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Next on the list is Facebook and Google+.

9. Install Social Media Buttons 
 I have been meaning to do this since I set up the blog. I will hopefully get it done this week. 

10. Write an 'About Me' page 
I really should introduce myself properly!


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