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Monday, 20 June 2016

Look in My Letterbox - 20th June

A good amount of post this week but it's mostly purchases. I am linking up with Alice Megan again.

This is the only win this week from a blog giveaway. It has lots of lovely activities to do over the summer with the children.

Last weekend I finished reading 'When the Dawn Breaks' by Emma Fraser. That was a win from Goodreads a few years ago and I had only just got round to reading it! I really enjoyed it so ordered this one from amazon as soon as I had finished.

This is a Cross Stitch card kit. I'm not showing the front of it just in case the recipient sees this post!

The boys love playing MarioKart on the Wii but we only had one wheel. We ordered some more to save any fighting!

New Kindles for P and I. They are 20% off on Amazon just now.

Alice Megan



  1. The book looks great, perfect with the summer holidays coming up #LIML

  2. I love the book you won I read that lady's blog she has some great ideas. #LIML

  3. I'd be completely lost without my kindle! #LIML

  4. some nice goodies this week! what a good bargain on the kindles


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