Classic Nursery Rhymes Review

Little Miss loves singing and I often hear her singing Twinkle Twinkle, and Baa Baa Black Sheep when she is playing. Another of her favourites is Wheels on the Bus, she often asks me to sing along with her. She enjoys all of the different verses and doing the actions for each one.

We were delighted to receive the new Classic Nursery Rhymes album from Nursery Rhymes 123.

Classic Nursery Rhymes is a fun upbeat album perfect for singing along to.

Little Miss was familiar with a few of the rhymes on this album but some were new to her. She thourougly enjoyed listening to it and asks for it to be played several times a day. The album has 12 popular upbeat nursery rhymes including ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ and ‘Five Little Monkeys’. It’s perfect for a sing-a-long and Little Miss gets her brothers to join in too. She is enjoying learning the actions to each song and the counting rhymes are helping her to learn numbers too. There is also an instrumental version of each rhyme which is great to sing along with or to have on as background music.

The rhymes are sung by UK based singer-songwriter Martha Bean who also plays a variety of instruments on the tracks including piano, cello, recorder and mandolin. Nursery Rhymes 123 started as a collaboration between Martha and BAFTA award winning director and father-of-two Dan Smith, when they were discouraged by the lack of good quality Nursery Rhymes on YouTube. I have found that myself in the past. I would play rhymes on YouTube for the children but half way through I would be desperate to turn it off. Dan and Martha’s aim was to produce beautiful music that parents could bear to listen to on repeat and they have certainly achieved that! This is an album that I am happy to listen to over and over again.

The album is available to buy from the 31st October on iTunes for £7.99. It is also available to stream on Spotify and other major sites.

The tracks included on the album are:

1. Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
2. Mary Had a Little Lamb
3. Five Little Speckled Frogs
4. If You’re Happy and You Know It
5. Jack and Jill
6. She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain
7. Five Little Monkeys
8. Three Blind Mice
9. London Bridge is Falling Down
10. Pat-a-Cake Pat-a-Cake
11. Little Miss Muffet
12. Pop! Goes the Weasel

What’s your child’s favourite nursery rhyme?

Discosure: I received a copy of this album for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. October 26, 2016 / 7:19 am

    Oh the boys love singing and dancing to nursery rhymes I think I might get this on my phone for when we go on country walks so we can have fun on our rest x

  2. October 26, 2016 / 10:21 am

    That looks like a good collection of Nursery Ryhmes. T is six. She used to love them, but she's more into the Now Disney kind of songs 😉

  3. October 26, 2016 / 12:25 pm

    This looks like a great collection of nursery rhymes, all the good ones are on this 🙂

  4. October 26, 2016 / 7:49 pm

    I need to get something like this for long car journeys! Great selection. x

  5. October 26, 2016 / 8:15 pm

    This sounds great – there are some seriously annoying versions on YouTube, so it's awesome to know that there are people out there taking the parents into consideration!

  6. October 27, 2016 / 7:53 am

    This sounds really great, I am sure my toddlers would love this as they adore classic nursery rhymes. I have never thought to buy them an album x

  7. October 27, 2016 / 8:42 am

    It's amazing coz we have the same songs in Spain, translated to Spanish and they still match! haha I love the Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, that's probably international 🙂 x

  8. October 27, 2016 / 4:47 pm

    The album sounds fabulous, love nursery rhymes

  9. October 28, 2016 / 9:23 am

    Not kids yet but I used to love all of these classics myself as a kid

  10. October 30, 2016 / 11:53 am

    Love nursery rhymes, this album seems amazing.

  11. November 4, 2016 / 4:08 pm

    This would be amazing for my little boy he would love it x

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