The Marks of Good Designers for Your Home Interiors

While architects and designers take up both residential and commercial decor projects, not everyone tastes success. Consequently it goes around the designing industry that successful designers are born and not made.
Interior design is all about transforming a space to your own tastes, making a statement. The designers count on their knowledge of aesthetics, functionalities and safety measures for enhancing the look of the residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. Keep in Mind, that the architects and designers are also individuals, and they have distinctive approaches to revamping the homes or offices.
In this article, we shall dwell on some of the personal traits that make them successful.

Empathy is their core competence

All successful designers are empathetic. Being empathetic has got dual advantages. It helps to understand the users and the teammates which are vital for successful completion of a project. They understand the clients and their needs as much as possible for implementing that into the décor theme. Understanding the teammates is also essential for putting the right man behind the job and to get the best out of him.

They have good listening and communication skills

As the owners of the home and offices like to decorate the spaces in ways that reflect their choices and preferences, all successful designers are great listeners. They listen intently to what the users have to say about the project and combine that with their professional skills for delivering the best. Designers are also very good communicators. They always interact with the electricians, plumbers, painters etc to make the project successful.

They are good storytellers

Successful architects and designers are very good in conceptualizing a project based on the narratives and organize their thought for designing what they call ‘parti pris’. They use this to decide the chronology of the steps for making the decor convey a specific theme. Often, the users have specific requirements of natural light and sometimes they also want to avoid certain shades. The good designers take care of these issues by maintaining the flow of the design.

Empirical is their key to success

The best architects and designers think like the scientists. As decoration is a profession, you cannot decorate homes on a whim. Successful designers think critically and analyze all information collected so that designs can be enhanced by preventing irreversible mistakes.

They are out-and-out meticulous

The job of the good designers is basically to find solutions to various design problems and for that they treat nothing as insignificant or too small and pay great attention to detail. They are always consistent in their approach and combine different decorating elements nicely to create a harmony in the interior.

Thinking out of the box is their strength

The best designers bring new life to the home and office interiors and exterior spaces. For them, every project has to be one-of-a-kind in terms of aesthetic and functional considerations. So, they always play with their creativity and imagination to transform the residential and commercial interiors and exteriors into a nice piece of art.

They know how to engage the senses

Good designers know how nature influences our mood and performance. When people are surrounded by elements of green, they are psychologically moved by these elements and feel relieved from stress. Moreover, lush green colour also has a calming effect on the ambiance. That is why they always include green elements in the home and office decor. But, there are some associated pitfalls of using the live plants for interior and exterior decoration. They need regular care and maintenance to keep them alive and healthy and if you do not have a green thumb, the issue becomes very serious.

This is why the good designers opt for faux greens. These are now professionally made, and look absolutely like real plants. Moreover, these are available in plenty of varieties like indoor trees, large indoor plants, front yard landscaping plants, landscaping plants, etc. The great thing about these silk plants is that they come in standard bases and are easily installable. Since these do not have any sunlight requirement, they can be placed even in the dimly lit corners. They need no maintenance and unlike the live plants that have a waiting period, these continue to adorn the place from day one.

They know how to take risks

Good designers and architects are very good at taking risks. They look at things from different angles and always try to do something extraordinary enliven the place. Often, they make the doors and windows bigger than the normal sizes for imparting a spacious feeling and making those instantly recognizable.

They are familiar with codes

Every locality has some building, electrical and plumbing codes. Good architects and designers always keep this in mind while making new design plans. This prevents any unwanted hassles and forced changes after completion.

They simplify to amplify the design

Every design and decoration project is different, and they are really complex having much paraphernalia. Successful designers have a unique knack for eliminating the things that are not vital, so the vitals may speak. There are many design areas, where one can state better by simple designs like basic shapes and simple colour choices making the space look chic and classy.

They have nice colour balancing skills

Colours have immense effects on the moods of the people around, and these also affect the functionality of the space. Successful designers are familiar with colours and their impact and balance colour cleverly for a great effect.

They are familiar with diverse design styles

While decorating residential and commercial places, no one likes a room to be the mirror image of another. But, they prefer complementary designs in the homes and offices. Moreover, they also do not like their places to look like the adjacent buildings. All successful architects have a thorough knowledge of the diverse styles and techniques of designing for making their project a unique one.

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  1. A S,Edinburgh
    February 3, 2019 / 8:34 pm

    This is so interesting, thank you. I’ve never hired an interior designer, and it’s very useful to know how much is involved and what one should be looking for.

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