Competition Prize Wishlist for 2019

I started entering competitions in 2013 and have been quite lucky, winning at least one prize a month since then. Last year I won about 20 prizes. This year instead of just entering any competition I like the look of, I am going to be more strategic about what I enter. I have compiled a competition prize wishlist for 2019 and will focus on seeking out competitions for the prizes I really want to win. As we are currently saving to buy a house most my wishlist is for practical items. 

Competition Prize Wishlist


A Tablet is at the top of my competition prize wishlist for 2019. I use a laptop just now but I would like a tablet as it is more portable. It would be useful for times when I just need to be online for a short time and don’t want to pull the laptop out. I would also like a tablet to enter competitions on as my laptop can’t keep up with the speed I want to enter them at. As well as trying to win a tablet I have also been looking at the latest deals on tablets. If I find the right deal then I will buy one as it will make life so much easier.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner

I have heard great things about the Shark vacuum cleaner so I would love to win one. I have entered a few competitions for it but not been lucky yet.

Soup Maker

We are trying to eat a lot healthier this year. We all enjoy soup and it is an easy way to eat a lot of vegetables. A Soup Maker would be convenient for making a quick batch of soup. 


I have won a lot of vouchers over the years, it is one of my favourite prizes to win. I would especially love to win Tesco or Love2Shop vouchers.


I would love to win some cash to add to the house fund.


We love playing board games so would be delighted to win some games to add to our collection. I would also like to win some educational games as it is a great way for the children to learn while having fun.

Clothes for the Children 

The children grow so fast, they always need new clothes. I won some lovely dresses for Little Miss a few years ago. I have also won various vouchers including Matalan and Love2Shop that I have spent on clothes. 

Craft Subscription Boxes

Little Man and Little Miss love doing crafts. Craft subscription boxes are a great way of trying out different crafts. I also like them because most of the materials needed are included in the box which saves me from having to search for things. It is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. 

Items for the House

Our plates and bowls are all mismatched so I would love to win a new dinner set. We also need new bathroom towels and accessories. A new mirror for the hall would also be nice.


I love winning food. It is a great way to try food we wouldn’t normally buy and it means we can save on the grocery budget! 

A Year’s Supply

I think a ‘year’s supply’ is something that is on every compers competition prize wishlist. I won a year’s supply of colouring books a couple of years ago: one book for each month of the year. A year’s supply of tea would be a great prize as I get through a lot of it. 

What’s on your competition prize wishlist?

*This is a collaborative post.



  1. A S,Edinburgh
    January 30, 2019 / 8:10 pm

    Great list! I love winning food, too; there’s something about it that feels like a real treat. Best of luck; hopefully you’ll be able to tick a few of these off soon.

  2. Fiona jk42
    February 3, 2019 / 2:23 pm

    I tend to focus on prizes for the home, not just for my husband and myself but also for our adult children and their partners. I also like to enter competitions for toys to give to our little granddaughter. I never enter competitions for holidays, as I am not able to go on them and they always seem to be non-transferable.

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